Welcome to FLUSHED!

Flushed combines the excitement of horse racing with roulette-style betting to create a unique, yet familiar, easy-to-play game.  Because Flushed was designed specifically for fast and exciting play, it quickly generates fans and a community feel while playing in groups.  Flushed is the perfect solution for casinos that want to boost their returns from the square footage allocated to roulette.

How to Play

From a single deck of cards, a dealer continuously turnes over cards one at a time until a flush is made.  Each card that is turned over gets placed on the felt under it's respective suit.  Players bet on the total number of cards needed to make a flush (inside bets) and players can bet on numerous outside bets (similar to roulette).

Check out the video below to see a round of Flushed played out: 

Contact Information

Travis Baker

Phone: (567) 303-9894

Email: travis@flushedgame.com