Math Analysis

Flushed offers multiple versions for a different house edge that provides "American" and "European" style percentages that mirror roulette.  Any casino can customize Flushed to their liking, giving them their preferred house edge.

European Flushed

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Custom Designs

Flushed can be offered by your casino with a preferred house edge with different styled wagers for players.  European Flushed is the traditional format of the game with a lower combined house edge and more varied payouts.  American Flushed, offers a style of play that provides the casino with an overall higher average house edge with more even based odds offered to increase a dealers hands per hour.  
These are just two examples of the many ways Flushed can be played.  Your casino is able to customize betting zones to fit your preference of play.  For example; If you prefer the European style format but would like to add the "No Show" bet, we can adjust the layout and provide an updated math analysis.