Flushed can be played on multiple sized tables including Blackjack, Baccarat, Big Six, Roulette, and Craps style tables all catered to your casinos needs!

COVID Options

Customer safety is every casinos number one priority and we've taken the necessary steps to ensure that Flushed can offer an environment that meets every casinos standards.  Our individual betting zone, "Covid-Safe", felt design allows your casino to abide by state restrictions and keep your customers safe with the best social distancing practices.

Covid-Safe Design

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The Strat dealers love this game.  Just above the playing zone there are 5-17 spaces where the winning number marker goes once the round is over.  Dealers are able to place bets with any tips given to them by the players on those numbers.  It allows dealers to be more involved and possibly increase their tips significantly!

The Strat Felt

The "Covid-Safe" felt design option allows for individual betting zones to incorporate a safe environment with social distancing.  With every state varying in restrictions your casino has the opportunity to apply a felt that can offer anywhere from a 2-player betting zone up to an 8-player design, depending on the size of the table.  The Covid-Safe design shown here is the current felt that's live at The Strat in Las Vegas.  Currently, due to Nevada restrictions, they must play every other betting zone allowing for a 3-player game.  Once the restriction is lifted, the casino is able to offer a 5-player game without needing to re-felt the table.  This is also a Blackjack sized table.


As restrictions begin to loosen up, Flushed offers a variety of community style designs that can incorporate a more inclusive environment.  With our Derby Style felt, Flushed brings your players together better than any other game on the floor.  A community style betting zone allows for players to get a sense of Craps with the commradery that they begin to feel.  This design provides players with the opportunity to place bets together and against each other, creating an atmosphere of Craps where players tend to cheer as one!

Big Six Roulette Style