Flushed can be played on multiple sized tables including Blackjack, Baccarat, Big Six, Roulette, and Craps style tables all catered to your casinos needs!

Community / Roulette Style Play

Flushed offers a variety of community style designs that can incorporate a more inclusive environment.  With our Derby Style felt, Flushed brings your players together better than any other game on the floor.  A community style betting zone allows for players to get a sense of Craps with the comradery that they begin to feel.  This design provides players with the opportunity to place bets together and against each other, like in roulette, all while creating an atmosphere of Craps where players tend to cheer as one!


Turn one of the oldest and most negatively viewed tables into a game that excites players once again!  

The Big Six is one of the most fitting tables to play Flushed on.  It allows players to move around freely while betting with others at the table.  Installing a chip sorter on the table provides the best opportunity for success in this game.



Have multiple Roulette Tables sitting unused?  Closed down 75% of the week?  Why not turn that table into one of the next generations of gaming!  Flushed utilizes non-value chips and is best played with a chip sorter installed on the table.  Take advantage of your excess roulette tables and turn them into revenue!