Gaming commissions require games to provide rack cards, explaining how the game is played and what the payouts are.  We believe our rack card offers a great description of Flushed and provides the most accurate and necessary information for a player to sit down for a round.
By reading the rack card a player can quickly understand the concept of Flushed without seeing a hand.  For your more visual learners, we took the liberty of making a "Beginners Guide" to better serve your players.  (See below)


Help Dealers Explain Flushed with our Beginners Guide!


Our beginners guide offers a visual learning experience to help dealers explain Flushed; much quicker and easier.  By following the guide, it walks a player from beginning to end with an explanation of the entire process along the way.  This way, players can read and visualize what the beginning, middle, and ending of each round of Flushed could look like.